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We specialize in trading, finance, project management, building and home beautification.

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About us

From a single man with a strong vision to a group of successful companies.

We started back in 2008 as STANG CONSULT and transformed to STANG CONSULTING LTD in 2012.

In order to achieve our goal, we are committed to making an effort to give the best service to our clients at both domestic and international market.

We've grown into a big body of commercial service provider in Africa & globally.

We are recognized by consistent quality and service improvement inside and outside Nigeria borders.

Companies within the Group

STANG Group consists of three companies with specialties in different sectors creating values for our client's businesses & community.


STANG Consulting Limited (SCL)

SCL offers direct lending to SME’s and corporates. SCL is also a lending consultant to many companies on sourcing third party loans from local and international creditors.


STANG Commodity & Investment Ltd (SCIL)

At SCIL, we specialist in procurement, purchasing and carriage of a wide range of goods for the public and private industry locally and worldwide.

African american worker standing in uniform wearing a safety hat in a factory

STANG Builders & Beautifiers Company (SBBC)

At SBBC, we specialize in project monitoring, building & home beautification services. 

Our Strength

What makes us stand out

Unique services

We provide unique and innovative services that meet the needs of our customers on time.

Talented team

We have a talented and dedicated team of employees that delivers high-quality services.

Sustainable business

We prioritize ethical business practices by by been committed to social responsibility.

Exceptional service

We prioritize exceptional customer service to build our loyal customer base and trust.

Interested in becoming a part of our success story?

Our doors are open to investors, partners, talents or new staff.